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Jenna Van Etten & Sam Steele

22/06/2016 - 30/09/2016

This Registry Is:   Finished
Owned By:   Jenna Van Etten

Image Product Name Model Qty Required Qty Bought Qty to Buy Unit Price Action
Canvas Bassings Beach Pillow Canvas Bassings Beach Pillow MFH $70.00
Canvas On The Boat Pillow Canvas On The Boat Pillow *** MFH $70.00
Coasters - Cohasset Chart Coasters - Cohasset Chart 17746-06 $56.00
Compass Rose DOF Glasses Compass Rose DOF Glasses 223001 $12.00
Compass Rose Red Wine Compass Rose Red Wine *** 223254 $15.00
Ocean Coral Napkin Holder Ocean Coral Napkin Holder 175333 $59.00
Ocean Coral Nut Bowl Ocean Coral Nut Bowl 175339 $99.00
Ocean Coral Serving Set Ocean Coral Serving Set 175343 $69.00